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Happy Mother's Day!

Rebecca Lam

It's been a while since I've posted, but I saw this poster on a shopfront last week and thought it was the cutest. But only because it's a Mother's Day poster and not one for flying lessons. (The Art of Looking Sideways reference).

The love heart exclamation mark, the sometimes-outlined-letters - such attention to detail. 

Sydney Airport Train

Rebecca Lam

Every evening, I see this billboard ad Town Hall station and every time I find it so painful to look at. Gradients! Helvetica! Sydney! Plane!

So in the half hour that I had spare before leaving the house, I'm putting forward my proposal - that strips the messaging to its bare minimum because I think that's all it needed to be – informative and clear. 

Molamil - refreshing portfolio

Rebecca Lam

It's often hard to come across new ways of presenting your projects and portfolio online. It's even harder to present them in a unifying aesthetic. Especially in the digital world, showing your work on phones and screens (to which I am guilty of) get repetitive. I think Huge do this really well on the website, using their H as a window. 

Another site that I've just come across is Molamil. Their repeated graphical patterns using elements from the projects, set against a punchy coloured background is refreshing and beautiful. 

On another note, their menu/stamp gives their own personal touch to the standard hamburger menu. 

Three simple dots

Rebecca Lam

The below animation video from Asana is really a stand-out in execution, showing just how expressive three little dots can be. Oh! How ever so lightly they bounce and glide! And the perfectly timed chimes! 

GIFs as transitions

Rebecca Lam

I'm currently at a point in my career where I am really excited by digital design, by its fast-moving nature and its many unknown possibilities. Nine years ago when I first started university, apps weren't even around. As such, my tertiary education had a very strong print focus.

The bridge between print and digital design is where I like to sit because I do genuinely love designing for both. Although the design basics are the same across both, there are different things you have to take into account in digital design. One of those things is transitions between screens and between elements, which aid in learning interactivity as well as adding to a sense of delight to the user experience.

The reason I bring this up is because Marvel have recently posted a blog that I really liked about using gifs like this and this in prototype animations. A lot of the prototyping tools out there such as Marvel and Invision allow for basic transitions between screens but not within. I was also recently asked to use Flash to help developers understand the kind of animations I wanted on an interface. Except I've never needed to used Flash throughout my career so far. So I think gifs are a simple an accessible way (for designers) to be able to communicate these ideas earlier on in the process. 

Adidas tracksuit

Rebecca Lam

I recently saw this sign stapled to a telegraph pole and it made me wonder what kind of person would call up and buy Adidas tracksuits. It's endearing but a bit suss and reminded me of this.